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Fueling Creativity: My daily tools – Shalua

As a Creative, I depend on a range of carefully chosen tools, both hardware and software, to realize my vision effectively. Over the years, I’ve invested in devices that have become essential to my daily work. Let’s dive into some of my favorite tools, which not only help in crafting impressive designs and engaging digital content but also add an element of enjoyment and fun to my work.


My creative sanctuary revolves around a dynamic duo – the 16” MacBook Pro M1 Pro and the LG 27QN880 external display. They form the backbone of my workspace, seamlessly integrated to bring my ideas to life. Not forgetting the Logitech MX Keys and Magic trackpad which are intuitive extensions that let me dive into my designs without missing a beat.

And for those spur-of-the-moment bursts of creativity, my iPad Air steps up as the perfect sidekick. It’s a nimble companion, always at the ready for quick edits or to keep me connected to my emails, music, podcasts, and shows. It’s like having a personal creative hub.

Honarable mention to  my Samsung T7 & T5 SSD’s. Being a creative i’m always working with large files and these provide me with ample storage and speed that ensures my work is backed up and easily accessible.


Adobe Creative Cloud is my trusted ally at the heart of it all. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects being the daily drivers for all my Design work and driving my passion for storytelling in content creation are Lightroom Classic, Lightroom & Final Cut Pro X.

Creating AR effects is like bringing magic to the real world, and I use two powerful tools to make it happen – Meta Spark AR by Meta and Lens Studio by Snapchat.These specialized tools are essential for bringing my ideas to life and creating engaging and delightful experiences for users on social media and beyond. A field im still learning everyday


In this creative voyage, inspiration is my guiding star. Behance, Pinterest & Instagram are my everyday places i go for inspiration

These tools are my trusted companions that amplify my creative expression. As technology continues to evolve, I’m always excited to explore new tools that can further enhance my creativity and productivity. Let’s embark on this adventure together get creative and have some fun!

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